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Zim’s Molecular Biologist Creates Over 600 Ice Cream Flavors



Zim’s Molecular Biologist Creates Over 600 Ice Cream Flavors

The Zimbabwean molecular biologist has made history by creating more than 600 unique ice cream flavors using indigenous products.

Tapiwa Guzha, currently based in Cape Town, has used her doctorate in molecular biology to create over 600 inventive ice cream flavors, ranging from baobab to edible clay.

Guzha, who is on a mission to change the way Africans view their food, created these different flavors of ice cream for Africa. He said he chose to use indigenous African flavors because he wanted Africans to embrace and be proud of their heritage.

Speaking in an interview with BBC News Focus on Africa, Guzha revealed that as he grew up he was surrounded by native produce such as baobab, fennel, monkey orange and masawu fruit. He said he was inspired by experimenting with dry ice to create the frozen treat while using native African flavors such as edible clay and tamarind.

Through his ice cream bistro called TAPI TAPI Desserts, Guzha wants Africans to celebrate their heritage.

Through his culinary talents, he wants to normalize cultural dishes and decolonize the food landscape in Africa.

“I hope that by normalizing cultural dishes, I can inspire more positive attitudes and esteem in the African people”

“It is possible to decolonize the food landscape in cities, in the countryside and even on the mainland,” says Guzha..

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