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The octopus changing color while dreaming hypnotizes thousands of internet users



A fascinating video of an octopus changing color while sleeping is making the rounds on the internet. The 20-second clip, which is now viral on social media platforms including Twitter, was initially captured by Public Broadcast Service (PBS) for its documentary Octopus: get in touch. The PBS series has always been among the most viewed prime-time series on public television. The video starts with the octopus changing color from white to yellow, then it quickly changes to dark brown. As the video progressed, a biologist explained the reason for this fascinating effect. “The octopus may dream of eating its favorite cuisine, crab, on the sea floor. This may explain the dark brown color,” the biologist said.

Watch the video here:

Octopus’ color change is completely normal, biologist says

He also informed that the fascinating act that was captured in the video is completely normal. Octopuses change color to protect themselves from predators, the biologist said and added that he has never seen such a rapid color change in any other octopus. Meanwhile, the video that resurfaces again was shared by a Twitter user named “Buitengebieden”. Since it was shared on social media on August 21, with the caption: “An octopus changing color in its sleep,” the video has garnered more than 13,000 views and the count is still ongoing.

Internet users puzzled over the octopus dream

Meanwhile, netizens were quick to comment on the viral post. “I wonder what octopuses dream of. Are they dreaming? To do, given their intelligence.” read a social media user’s comment. “They are such beautiful, intelligent and fascinating creatures. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to eat them and LIVE them. It’s heartbreaking,” read the comment from another social media user. “She was pretending to be dreaming, she was doing this to trick the cameraman while her friend sneaks out of another water tank and unlocks the door – she’s even smarter than they thought,” it read. in another comment.

(Image credit: @ buitengebieden_ / Twitter)

“I love these creatures. I used to think it was a little cruel to keep these very intelligent beings in captivity, but now after seeing so many of them being eaten or injured in the wild, I have decided they were much safer in nice little, neat houses, ”commented the fourth user.

(Image credit: @ buitengebieden_ / Twitter)

(Image credit: @ buitengebieden_ / Twitter)

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