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Rocky Mountain Power Announces Lower Prices and Pilot Savings Program | Energy Journal


“The company has been very successful over the years in proposing projects that result in very competitive consumer prices compared to other energy suppliers nationwide, and we want to maintain this position, where we are generally in the bottom 25% of suppliers. across the country, ”he said.

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Rocky Mountain Power’s higher general tariffs will allow it to reimburse investments in new energy sources made over the past five years, such as the development and replenishment of Wyoming wind projects through the Energy Vision initiative. 2020 from parent company PacifiCorp.

As a major supplier of both coal and wind power, “there are significant benefits to Wyoming being part of the PacifiCorp multi-state system,” Eskelsen said. “These resources serve the entire six-state system. And so customers in those other states help pay for the costs of building and operating these facilities, but Wyoming, because these facilities are located in Wyoming, gets all the benefits of property taxes in those years. . “

In addition, a pilot consumption hours program announced alongside the new pricing will allow 500 taxpayers – including households – to sign up for a new program to encourage the use of electricity during off-peak hours. Standard electricity meters only measure the amount of electricity consumed by customers. Thanks to the pilot program, the utility will also monitor when this power is used.

“The price of electricity in the wholesale market tends to fluctuate every day, and this energy is more expensive at peak demand times than at off-peak demand times,” Eskelsen said. “But it’s also thanks to the electricity the utility provides from the resources it owns and operates, because typically the way we decide which resources to run throughout the day is based on cost. “


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