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Pyramid Biosciences and Caris Life Sciences Announce MI Trials Collaboration for Matching Clinical Trials in Support of Patient Study with NTRK Fusion Solid Tumors


– The Molecular Intelligence Trials (MI Trials) collaboration will improve the identification of patients with NTRK fusion-positive solid tumors, including primary and metastatic CNS tumors potentially eligible for enrollment in the Phase 1 clinical study/ 2 PBI-200-101 in progress

– Pyramid Biosciences is currently developing a clinical-stage precision drug pipeline, including its lead program PBI-200, a next-generation highly penetrating CNS tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitor for patients with NTRK fusion-related cancers

– Caris’ innovative precision medicine service designed to maximize access and increase the efficiency of precision medicine clinical trials

WALTHAM, Massachusetts and IRVING, TX, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pyramid Biosciences, Inc. and Caris Life Sciences® (Caris), today announced a collaboration to improve the identification of potential patients with NTRK fusion-related cancers for participation in the ongoing Phase 1/2 trial (PBI-200-101) of the lead oncology program of Pyramid PBI-200, a next-generation, best-in-class TRK inhibitor , highly penetrating into the CNS. Pyramid Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a portfolio of precision therapies targeting a broad spectrum of diseases. Caris is the leading molecular science and technology company actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare. Caris’ tailored MI trial offering helps match the right patients to the right biopharmaceutical trials based on both the patient’s tumor molecular profile and the eligibility criteria of a given study.

“This collaboration will further advance the promise of precision oncology, with the potential to deliver highly differentiated compounds against validated cancer targets,” said Brian Lestini, MD, Ph.D., President and CEO of Pyramid Bio. “Caris’ patient identification and matching service is invaluable in enabling the development of new precision therapies, especially in genetically defined populations like NTRK.

With Caris’ Right-In-Time clinical trial solution, the company has a growing trial portfolio, with more than 50 treatment options available and more than 450 research-ready sites if a patient is identified by a Caris molecular profile outside of an existing sponsor. test site. This network helps bring clinical trials to patients who otherwise might not have access to these new therapies.

“The breadth and depth of our whole-exome and whole-transcriptome sequencing minimizes the potential for missing actionable alterations that are unique to an individual’s cancer,” said Brian LamonPh.D., Chief Business Officer, Head of BioPharma Business Development at Caris Life

Sciences. “By testing all 22,000 genes in both DNA and RNA, we are able to provide patients and physicians with comprehensive data that gives them rapid access to potentially life-saving treatments while helping to develop treatments for cancer patients in the future.”

About the PBI-200

PBI-200 is a novel, highly potent and selective TRK kinase inhibitor discovered and developed by Pyramid to overcome a wide range of targeted resistance mutations that have been described with first-generation TRK inhibitors. Additionally, preclinical studies have shown that PBI-200 achieves high levels of brain penetration, resulting in superior efficacy in intracranial xenograft models compared to other TRK inhibitors, as well as a favorable safety.

The global Phase 1/2 trial of PBI-200 (PBI-200-101) is an open-label, multicenter study in subjects with advanced or metastatic NTRK fusion-positive tumors, including primary and metastatic CNS tumors. The trial consists of a dose escalation phase, followed by a multicohort expansion at the recommended Phase 2 dose. Additional information is available at: https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ (NCT04901806).

About Pyramid Biosciences Inc.

Founded in 2015, Pyramid Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to developing a portfolio of precision therapies targeting a wide range of molecularly defined diseases. Pyramid is currently working on the clinical development of two highly selective tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitors. For more information, visit: www.pyramidbio.com.

About Caris Life Sciences

Caris life sciences® (Caris) is the leading molecular science and technology company actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes. Through comprehensive molecular profiling (whole exome and whole transcriptome sequencing) and the application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, Caris created the Clinico-Genomics Database scale and cognitive computing needed to analyze and unravel the molecular complexity of disease. This information provides an unparalleled resource and the ideal pathway to conduct fundamental basic research to accelerate discovery for detection, diagnosis, monitoring, therapy selection and drug development to improve the human condition.

With a primary focus on cancer, Caris’ suite of state-of-the-art molecular profiling offerings assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular pattern that helps patients, doctors and researchers better detect, diagnose and treat patients. Caris’ latest advancement, which is currently available within its Precision Oncology Alliance, is a blood-based circulating nucleic acid sequencing (cNAS) assay that combines comprehensive molecular analysis (whole exome and transcriptome sequencing whole from blood) and serial monitoring – making it the most powerful liquid biopsy test ever developed.

Based at Irving, TXCaris has offices in Phoenix, New York, denver, Tokyo, Japan and Basel, Switzerland. Caris provides services across the United States, Europe, Asia and other international markets. To learn more, visit CarisLifeSciences.com or follow us on Twitter (@CarisLS).

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