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Ninety-Three Sun Devil Student-Athletes Named to Spring Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll


SAN FRANCISCO — Ninety-three Sun Devil student-athletes were recognized for classroom excellence on Tuesday, as the Pac-12 announced their Spring 2022 Academic Honor Roll.

Any student-athlete on their respective team roster with a GPA of 3.3 or higher and who has served at least one year in residence at the facility, is eligible for the honor.

The Spring 2022 Academic Honor Roll includes 1,097 student-athletes who competed in the
Sports sponsored by the conference of baseball, beach volleyball, men’s and women’s golf,
lacrosse, men’s and women’s rowing, softball, men’s and women’s tennis, and men’s and women’s outdoor track and field.

As approved by conference athletic faculty representatives, any student-athlete participating in an NCAA-sponsored sport or emerging at a Pac-12 institution, regardless of league sponsorship, is also eligible for recognition. of the academic honor roll and includes 122 student-athletes from the spring sports like acrobatics and tumbling, men’s lacrosse, men’s volleyball and women’s water polo.

Below is the list of Arizona State winners along with their major field of study.

Baseball (7)
Nate Baez (Finance)
Christian Bodlovich (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Kade Higgins (Liberal Studies)
Luc La Flam (Finance)
Danny Marshall (Accounting)
Graham Osman (Finance)
Brock Peery (Corporate Entrepreneurship)

Beach volleyball (12)
Taryn Ames (Marketing)
Malina Baker (Social and Behavioral Sciences)
Lila Bordis (Biological Sciences)
Kate Fitzgerald (Biomedical Science)
Cierra flood (Tips)
Cambria Room (Corporate Entrepreneurship)
Maria Kowal (Biomedical Science)
Mady Salazar (Marketing)
Lexi Sweeney (Company – Sports Company)
Sarah Waters (Communication)
Ivey Weber (Special education and primary education)
Lauren Weintraub (Marketing – Professional Sales)

Men’s Golf (6)
Ryggs Johnston (Management)
James Leow (Finance)
jeewon park (Company – Sports Company)
David Puig (Communication)
Cameron Sisk (Company – Sports Company)
Preston Summerhays (Communication)

Women’s Golf (5)
Alessandra Fanali (Company – Sports Company)
Alexandra Forsterling (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Amanda Linnier (Management)
Breyana Matthews (Kinesiology)
Ashley Menne (Company – Sports Company)

Women’s Lacrosse (17)

Katie Brodsky (Clinical Exercise Science)

Kaylon Buckner (Applied Business Data Analysis)

Rosie Davis (sports journalism)

Bella Gaspar (Mechanical Engineering)

Gigi Gaspar (Finance)

Brynn Holohan (Criminology and criminal justice)

Olivia Hood (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Tess Keizer (Journalism and mass communication)

Olivia Kroah (Nutrition – Human Nutrition)

Grace Lilla (Business – Healthcare)

Paige McGlothlin (Health services)

Flynn Murphy (Company – Sports Company)

Sydney Payne (Chemistry)

Mina Scott (Bio Science – Neurobio Physiology & Behavior)

Kaitlyn Skamas (Company – Sports Company)

Lindsey Spies (Company – Sports Company)

Anna Winkeler (Biochemistry)

Men’s Outdoor Athletics (13)

austin cox (Kinesiology)

Joseph Dicke (MS in Computer Science)

Wyatt Hanson (Electrical engineering)

Hunter Kasprzyk (Finance)

Ian Kebenei (Aerospace Engineering – Aeronautics)

Dylan Kingston (Management)

Luke Mason (MS in Computer Science)

Connery McLaughlin (Chemical Engineer)

Adam Meyer (Liberal Studies)

Ian Schulz (Ungraduated graduate student)

Jared Tracy (BS communication)

TurnerWashington (Sports & Business Law)

Jesper Wolski (Kinesiology)

Women’s Outdoor Athletics (12)

Gracie Carr (Kinesiology)

Taryn Hankins (Feeding with milk)

Sevanna Hanson (Kinesiology)

Alona Johnson (Psychology – BS)

Jenna Lee (Business Data Analytics)

Beatrice Llano (Management of the organization)

Kristen Masucci (Biological Sciences)
Alizée Minard (Liberal Studies)

Caitlin Rose (Feeding with milk)

Haley Smith (Medical Microbiology)

Jorinde van Klinken (Global Management – Global Trade)

Christina Warren (Medical Microbiology)

Softball (4)
Yannira Acuña (liberal studies)

Makenna Harper (Communication)

Jazmine Hill (Psychology)

Bella Loomis (Psychology – MA)

Men’s Tennis (6)

Spencer Brachman (Company – Sports Company)

Moritz Hoffman (Business communication)

Christian Lerby (Liberal Studies)

Max McKennon (Company – Sports Company)

George Stoupe (Company – Sports Company)

Jonas Wilson (Economy)

Women’s tennis (4)

Marianna Argyrokastriti (Business communication)

Natasha Hill (Company – Sports Company)

Giulia Morlet (Company – Sports Company)

Dominique Turkovic (Psychology – BS)

Women’s water polo (7)

Itzahiana Baca (Neuroscience / Minor: Psychology)

Alison Cameron (Company – Sports Company)

Emma Fraser (Justice Studies / Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies)

Lara Kiss (Psychology – BS and Sociology – BS)
Alba Olivé Martí (Art – Animation / Minor: Film and Media Production)

Tarah Schaffer (Biological Sciences – BS / Minor: Psychology)

Emilie Van Zonneveld (Criminology and Criminal Justice / Minor: Psychology)