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New Haven students quit school after bats are found in building, official says


NEW HAVEN – Students attending Ross / Woodward School were diverted to the Floyd Little Fieldhouse on Friday morning after bats were found in the school building, a school spokesperson said.

“This move was made out of an excess of safety concerns,” district spokesman Justin Harmon said in an email. “Animal control was on the scene. “

“At the Fieldhouse, the students were involved in art projects and physical activities,” he said.

Breakfast and lunch were served.

All the students are safe, Harmon said.

Harmon said no students were exposed to the bats because the problem was discovered before school started.

“The problem was discovered before the school opened for the children in the morning,” he said. “They managed to hijack the buses. “

Harmon said a message has been sent to parents to drop the students off at the field if they bring the kids to school. Some parents did not receive the message, so buses were used to bring these children of Ross Woodward to the country house, he said.

Harmon said the bats were discovered by a guard who was present in the building early in the morning. He said Connecticut Pest Control is the group dealing with the bat problem.

Experts say this is the time of year when people start to see more bats, and more bats are entering their homes because there is a new generation of bats, testing their wings.

“This is the time of year when young bats learn to fly,” said Jenny Dickson, director of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s wildlife division.

“Everyone leaves the perch and goes one way, stupid kid goes the other way,” in someone’s house. “It’s pretty common,” she said.

Bats can carry rabies.

But while there are many more bats flying now – eating millions of mosquitoes, by the way – rabies is not a significant threat, Dickson said. “Less than half of one percent will have the rabies virus,” Dickson said. And to get rabies from a bat, a person would have to be bitten or scratched.

In the past year, the State Public Health Laboratory has tested 459 publicly submitted bats and 15 have tested positive, a rate of 3.3%. But these were submissive bats “that behaved strangely in the first place,” Dickson said.

There are nine species of bats native to Connecticut, although the population of little brown bats has been reduced by 90 percent by white-nose syndrome, according to a study published in the journal Conservation Biology. Large brown bats have also seen their numbers decrease compared to the fungus, which grows on bats during their hibernation.

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