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More frontline workers will soon be trained at Toppenish


Many more future nurses will graduate from Heritage University at Toppenish in the future. The University announced a $ 3 million grant from the US Department of Education that expands the Hispanic institutions branch serving as institutions to expand its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The funding will also be used to modernize the science labs on campus.

The money will help those who are already working in nursing

School officials say the money will actually create a new path for working registered nurses to return to school and earn their four-year nursing degree. Heritage University Associate Professor Melvin Simoyi, Ph.D. says “As hospitals and other health care facilities begin to require their nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree as a condition of employment, this grant will allow Heritage to help the community community and beyond to meet an urgent need for healthcare professionals, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities locally and globally. “

Campus laboratories will benefit from major improvements

A press release from the school states “In addition to the development of the RN to BSN degree pathway, Heritage University’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) offerings will expand with new laboratories for environmental sciences, health and physics. The existing biology, chemistry and physics laboratories of Heritage will be redesigned and equipped to meet the rigorous demands of effective teaching of educational programs. ‘STEM studies. “

Toppenish School has received a lot of federal support this year

The US Department of Education’s $ 3 million grant is the second major grant the school announced this year. Earlier this month, Heritage received a $ 4.5 million grant, also from the Department of Education, to expand STEM studies in the Yakima Valley.

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