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“I am not a biologist”: Quotes of the week


Last week was dominated by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination hearing. Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned her on everything from her conviction in child pornography cases to critical race theory to her definition of a ‘woman’ during a three-day deadly encounter . Here are the quotes of the week.

“There was a big push on the left to weed out a candidate from my state. And I don’t like that very much.”
– South Carolina GOP senator. Lindsey Graham criticized an alleged left-leaning takedown of his preferred high court pick, Judge J. Michelle Childs, on the first day of Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings.

“I’m not interested in trapping Judge Jackson. I’m interested in her response because I found during our time together that she was extremely thoughtful, extremely accomplished, and I suspect she has a coherent vision and explanation and way of thinking about it. that I can’t wait to hear, and I think she deserves the chance to talk about it.
– GOP senator from Missouri. Josh Haley on his line of questioning before Jackson’s hearing.

“No one is going to investigate your dating habits with teenagers. No one is going to ask you with mock severity, ‘Do you like beer?’ »
– Texas GOP senator. Ted Cruz returns at the controversial hearing of current judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“We’ve had 115 justices on the Supreme Court, and we shouldn’t diminish the accomplishments of most of those 108 white men. They were extraordinary patriots who helped shape this country. But now we’re witnessing the most high court of our country on a hopeful day like this.”
– Democratic Senator from New Jersey. Cory Booker takes note of the potentially historic appointment of Jackson, who would be the first black woman on the court.

“It is extremely humbling to be considered for Judge Breyer’s seat, and I know I could never fill his shoes. But if confirmed, I hope to carry on his spirit.”
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson opening statement before his hearing in the Supreme Court.

“I am not a biologist.
jackson responses to Tennessee GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn after the judge was asked to provide a definition of the word “woman”.

“Mr. President, I think you have on the whole provided both sides with an opportunity to be heard and to ask questions. But unfortunately I have noticed that after each round of questioning from this side of the aisle, you choose to editorialize and contradict the points being made by that side of the aisle.”
– Texas GOP senator. John Corny take Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Dick Durbin is in charge of how he conducts the proceedings.

“How would you feel if I had received a letter from someone accusing you of something, a crime or misconduct, for weeks, and I gave it to Senator Durbin, just before the end of this hearing, and does not allow you to comment on the reproach? What would you think of that?”
Graham hinted at Kavanaugh’s treatment during his bruising confirmation hearing.

“I think the best way to deter people from using a computer and seeing thousands and hundreds – and over time, maybe millions, the population as a whole – of children being exploited and abused at every time someone clicks on it is putting their *a* in jail, not supervising their computer use.”
Graham tears to jackson for what he alleged were lenient sentences for child pornographers.

“The jackassery we often see here is partly down to people looking for short-term camera opportunities.”
– GOP senator from Nebraska. Ben Sasse makes a plea to keep the cameras out of the courtroom.

“I know the young senator from Texas needs to be on TV.”
– Democratic Senator from Vermont. Patrick Leahy fires a veiled shot at Cruz.

“It’s his decision based on the law. If you have spent time studying the Supreme Court Justice, this is the one studying correctly. If he sees that it does not respect the Constitution, he will vote against it. If that’s the Constitution, that’s what his job should be, that’s him.”
– House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas shouldn’t have to recuse cases linked to the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill despite news from his wife, Ginni Thomas, prompted former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to press ahead with his actions in an attempt to nullify the presidential election of 2020.

“At least at the moment they don’t seem to want to pursue Kyiv so aggressively or, frankly, not at all. They are more focused on Donbass.
– A senior US defense official that Russia’s actions in Ukraine have met with fierce resistance.

“They canceled Joanne Rowling, the children’s author – her books are published all over the world – because she did not meet the requirements for women’s rights.”
– Russian President Vladimir Poutine insists his country is a victim of cancel culture – just like the Harry Potter author.

“Criticisms of Western cancel culture are perhaps no better made by those who are now massacring civilians for the crime of resistance, or imprisoning and poisoning their critics.”
JK Rowling seems to suggest she doesn’t need Putin to fight her battles.

“I was nose diving and kind of at the one yard line of where you don’t want to be for your family and your future.”
– WWE Legend Triple H reveals how much he died of a heart attack in September. He revealed that he had retired from in-ring fighting.