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Emily Blunt in talks to star in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer



Emily blunt

Emily blunt
Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

Emily Blunt May Team Up Soon with her The Quiet Place, Part II co-star Cillian Murphy, with Deadline report that the actress is in talks to star in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, the bio nuclear bomb Oppenheimer. Blunt would take on the role of biologist and botanist Katherine Puening (later Oppenheimer), who began a relationship with the physicist shortly before starting work on the Manhattan Project at the start of World War II, and who remained his wife until her death in 1967.

Katherine — known as Kitty to her friends – had a pretty compelling life story before you even put all of the “I became death” in the picture; A registered communist in the 1930s, Puening almost joined a former husband in the fight against Franco during the Spanish Civil War, only to learn he had been killed in the fighting. While at the Los Alamos Research Center that created the first atomic bombs, she reportedly spent at least part of her time performing blood tests with project health workers, working to determine the eeffects of radioactivity on the human body.

Blunt has had a pretty busy pandemic, all things considered. Quiet place 2obviously landed only when COVID-19 lockdowns first hit, causing it to have a pretty big gap between its premiere in early 2020 and its eventual full-scale release. Since then she has starred in Jungle cruise for Disney, opposite The Rock, and in John Patrick ShanleYes Wild mountain thyme. She is currently shooting a new western miniseries, English, created by Hugo Blick.

Oppenheimer is the latest from Nolan, who seems to be taking a step back, at least a little, from the Principle-Spectacular action scenes that have filled his CV lately. (Not that we didn’t expect absolutely dazzling nuclear images, mind you.) Murphy is set to star in the film, continuing his long relationship with the director. This will be Blunt’s first project under the Nolan umbrella.



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