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Cognizant collaborates with Qualcomm to launch the 5G Experience Center for Digital Transformation in industry verticals


A new 5G experience center in Atlanta invites customers across industries to experience the true business value of 5G technology

TEANECK, NJ, October 252022 /PRNewswire/ — Cognizant Expands Collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation with New 5G Experience Center in Atlanta, Ga. This collaboration combines Cognizant’s deep experience in 5G, IoT, cloud and data analytics with smart edge devices, AI and 5G connectivity solutions from Qualcomm Technologies.

Building on the improvements 4G brings to consumers’ mobile experience, 5G was designed for businesses, enabling and accelerating broad digital transformation journeys across all industries. Private 5G networks enable next-generation services, such as autonomous driving, robotic automation, synthetic biology, virtual reality, and smart manufacturing in ultra-reliable, low-latency, secure, and scalable ways.

“Qualcomm Technologies is a pioneer in advancing 5G power to the intelligent edge, and we are proud to partner with them in this critical space,” said Vibha Rustagi, Global Head of IoT at Cognizant. “By aligning their expertise with Cognizant’s unique industry solutions in manufacturing, automotive, biopharma, retail and more, we will strive to help our customers simplify the complexities of technology, accelerate their digital transformations and stay focused on their business goals.

Cognizant expands its 5G Experience Center footprint globally with the Atlanta location being the first of our planned 5G centers at North America. It builds on the success of Cognizant’s 5G center in Bengaluru, India. The center is designed to help customers imagine, test and deploy next-generation solutions by combining private 5G networks and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) technologies to deliver unique benefits.

The combination of 5G and MEC offers businesses the ability to create multiple virtual networks with the same physical hardware and support thousands of connected devices generating real-time data insights, with better network security. network and less congestion, leading to better business outcomes and more seamless end-user experiences.

The center will open with several use cases ready for customers to explore, including:

  • Manufacturing: 5G connected cameras with video analytics leveraging MEC infrastructure can help customers dramatically speed up anomaly detection in manufacturing lines, enabling rapid intervention and problem resolution to maximize production yields and minimize downtime stop.
  • Supply chain management: Autonomous mobile robots, controlled, operated and integrated via 5G into warehouse management, fleet management and enterprise resource planning systems can enable more predictable and consistent sourcing of components in manufacturing, control more efficient inventory and a significantly reduced risk of workplace injury.

“Qualcomm Technologies is at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation to solve complex business problems with differentiated end-to-end solutions,” said Savi CareSenior Vice President, Business Development and Partnerships at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The business transformation journey begins with the 5G Experience Center, and we are excited to partner with Cognizant to provide enterprise customers with solutions based on our technology roadmap and our scale to meet their business objectives.”

Over time, the 5G Experience Center for Digital Transformation will showcase additional solutions – pre-developed and custom-created with customers – aimed at solving specific business challenges and helping customers deliver experiences that meet changing expectations of their stakeholders.

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