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Cheyney University Launches Life Sciences and Technology Hub



Walton believes having the hub makes the university’s target more realistic.

“We have almost doubled the percentage of students majoring in STEM in four years,” Walton said. “With the strengths we have put in place, there is every reason to believe that we can increase that number and exceed our target over the next four years.”

Located in the university’s Science Center, which is equipped with state-of-the-art biology, chemistry and computer labs as well as a faculty research lab, the hub will provide programming designed to support science students, in connecting them with resources and advice to help acclimatise them to scientific studies and career work.

STEM tutorials will also be available this fall through the hub to support academic progress.

“Our professors come from our natural and applied sciences department,” said Vanessa Atkins, director of the life sciences and technology cluster. “Our students get extra tutoring and really get all the support they need.

“It is also an opportunity for our students to be in a space where there are professionals from different industries,” she said. “The hub brings all of these resources together and helps our students focus on and take ownership of their own success.

“For them it is about developing their skills, gaining experience and moving towards their career goals,” she added.

The hub marks the culmination of Cheyney’s efforts to recruit private biology, chemistry and other STEM companies to the college campus.

Mosaic Development Partners worked with Cheyney to bring partners to the university.



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