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Celebrating 10 years of the Charles Perkins Center


The Center community gathered in the building’s Atrium to celebrate our outstanding achievements since 2012 and to hear the first performance of a specially commissioned composition, Something from Nothing, a creative celebration of the University of Sidney.

In 2022, the Charles Perkins Center celebrates a decade since its creation in 2012, supported by the proceeds of an anonymous donation of a painting by Pablo Picasso, Sleeping Young Woman. Proceeds from the sale of the painting supported the endowment of four professorships to augment the Centre’s work, under Professor Stephen Simpson as its first Academic Director, which began in April 2012.

The Charles Perkins Center was created to bring together researchers from across the University and across disciplines to address the harmful societal issues of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions. It was to serve as a new model for translating the depth and breadth of the University’s disciplinary research into societal benefits through collaboration and partnership.

“In June 2012, our strategy for what would become the Charles Perkins Centre, The triumph of the commons, was approved by the Senate. It outlined a concept for the Center based on complex adaptive systems theory – in my case inspired by locust swarming, but without the cannibalism,” Professor Stephen J Simpson AC, Academic Director of the Charles Perkins Center told the occasion of the 10th anniversary. an event.