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BitLife: How to Become a Brain Surgeon


BitLife offers a wide range of career options for your characters to pursue. Whether you decide to become famous, go to law school, or become a veterinarian, there are many different jobs to choose from. You can also go to medical school and seek careers such as family physicians, psychiatrists, or brain surgeons. Not only can one of these careers be a dream job for you, but you’ll unlock an achievement asking you to become a doctor. At the end of this guide, you will learn how to become a brain surgeon in BitLife.

How to become a brain surgeon BitLife

BitLife Brain Surgeon

Before becoming a brain surgeon, your character must go to medical school. When you create a new character, age until he is 18 years old. By then, you will have finished high school and will be asked to take a leave of absence or apply to college. Choose to pursue a university education and select a science degree such as biology or psychology. If your character isn’t already wealthy, having high intelligence and applying for a scholarship will help you avoid financial hardship since the school will fully cover your tuition. Alternatively, if you are rejected for a scholarship, you can work part-time and scrape together enough savings to pay tuition fees in cash.

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Once you graduate from college, go back to the education tab and select the medical school. As long as you have high stats and successfully completed a college science degree, you should have no problem getting accepted into medical school. The program will last seven years and will cost several hundred thousand dollars. Make sure your character has plenty of savings, a job, or generous parents to help pay for school fees.

When you graduate from medical school, you can apply for the position of brain surgeon. Go to the full-time job openings tab and scroll down until you find a brain surgeon position. If you don’t see it right away, age up and check again until it appears. Since this is a relatively high-paying job, it should appear at the top of your job postings. Choose to apply for the position and answer the interview question. If you are accepted at the interview, you will become a brain surgeon.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.