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Announcement of Scholarship Winners – Hudson Valley One

Delia Nicoto and Solo Diedhiou.

The 2022 Padraig Julius Tobin Flusser Economic and Social Justice Scholarship recipients are Solo Diedhiou and Delia Nocito, both recent graduates of New Paltz Central High School. Each received a check for $500 to cover costs associated with their college education. Diedhiou will attend Goucher College in Baltimore, MD, to pursue studies in education to become a teacher, and Nocito will attend the State University of New York at Binghamton to study biology with a career desire to work in the field of science. health.

Diedhiou wrote in her essay, “I will be going to Goucher College next year to study to become a teacher. Coming from a line of teachers, I sincerely believe that teaching is a work of social justice. For me in particular, having representation is so important. I didn’t have this when I was a student and I want to give this to our next generation. I want to speak for those who fall through the cracks, for those who feel like there’s no one to care for them, for those who just need a lawyer, I want to be the.

And Nocito wrote in his submission, “I want to be a doctor, and not for the salary. Human life is more important than a six-figure salary, no matter what. My work in this area is a personal and public need. I need to heal people almost as much as they need me to help them. No matter where my life takes me, everyone’s health is my priority. »

The fellowship is named after Padraig Julius Tobin Flusser, who passed away earlier this year and was passionate about social and economic justice. Thanks to generous contributions made through a Go Fund Me campaign, the scholarship will be offered over the next two years to seniors at New Paltz High School who plan to put their college education and potential career to good use to make our world a better place.

The 2022 New Paltz Village Trustees – Mayor Tim Rogers, Deputy Mayor Alex Wojcik, and Trustees William Wheeler Murray, Stana Weisburd and Michele Zipp – provided initial personal funding for the scholarship, which they inaugurated and will administer. No village funds or resources were used. Immediate family (defined as parents, spouse, children, siblings, and grandparents) and members of the same household of New Paltz Village elected officials were not eligible to participate, and all laws and applicable federal, state and local regulations have been followed.