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AAPEP provides amino acid products for high level biochemical research



AAPEP offers a complete range of amino acid products intended for chemical and biochemical laboratories and for scientific use.

New York, United States – December 17, 2021 – AAPEP, a sub-brand of BOC Sciences, is an experienced biochemistry company, which offers a full line of amino acid products, including natural amino acids and unnatural amino acids, for use in chemical and biochemical laboratories and scientific use.

Proteins perform a series of remarkable functions with just 20 types of naturally occurring amino acids. However, these limited natural amino acids do not meet all the requirements for protein structure and function in modern research and applications in chemical and biological sciences. On the contrary, unnatural amino acids with various artificially functional groups exert a major influence on protein modification.

Over 12,000 amino acid derivatives are available in AAPEP, applied in various protein modification reactions, such as photochemistry, glycosylation, click chemistry and fluorescence color development. These unnatural amino acids contain various functional groups including ketone, aldehyde, azide, alkynyl, alkenyl, amide, nitro, phosphate, sulfonate, etc., thus providing more possibilities for research and development of drugs, nutritional products and animal feed.

Among them, unnatural chiral amino acids with isomeric structures play essential roles in drug development, chemical synthesis, and catalysis, while chiral D-amino acids have been shown to be particularly useful for the development and design of pharmacophores. peptides. Based on these research needs and application prospects, AAPEP produces a wide range of chiral D-amino acids as well as various functionalized amino acids with high optical purity for the research of a multitude of specific drugs. , such as anticancer drugs, antibiotics, drugs for Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Unlike the traditional synthetic method requiring different starting materials, AAPEP uses the most common alanine to synthesize thousands of unnatural chiral amino acids. Therefore, AAPEP can not only achieve the high stereoselective synthesis of several custom unnatural amino acids, but also carry out its cost-effective large-scale production. In addition, each synthetic amino acid is accompanied by the molecular mass identification report and the HPLC purity analysis report.

Benefits of AAPEP Amino Acid Products
> 12,000 amino acid products
Guaranteed quality
High power workshop for non-GMP and GMP production
Synthetic peptide with more than 200 amino acids
Competitive prices

In addition to amino acid derivatives, AAPEP also offers personalized amino acid synthesis services and a wide range of peptide products. For more information, please visit the website: https://aapep.bocsci.com.


AAPEP, with a team of specialized biologists and chemists, provides a wide range of chemicals and biochemicals for scientific and laboratory purposes, including amino acids, peptides and resins. All products are manufactured to rigorous guidelines and come complete with mass spectrometry, certificates of analysis, HPLC and HMNR. AAPEP also offers personalized services, covering amino acid synthesis, stable isotopic labeling of amino acids, amino acid analysis and peptide synthesis.

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