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2022 Homecoming Court crowned Monday night – The Daily Eastern News


Nile Hile, a senior business management major, and Jaedah Franks, a junior biology major, became Eastern’s 2022 homecoming king and queen on Monday night.

In the Grand Ballroom to begin Homecoming Week 2022, the 2022 Homecoming Court was crowned Monday evening with a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Lord and Lady of the Faculty/Staff and a little prince and a princess.

Hill, who represented Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., said he felt humbled to win Homecoming King and wanted to continue the tradition of a member of his fraternity to win Homecoming King.

Last year’s reunion king Jeremiah Boyd-Johnson also represented Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

“I want to keep the tradition going, so I’m very honored to be picked and voted on by everyone,” Hill said. “So thank you to everyone who voted for me…It’s been a good experience, I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

Hill thinks everyone has a voice on campus and it’s important to have one.

“It’s important to know that everyone has a fair chance, everyone has a voice,” Hill said. “We have a presence here on campus, and it’s been going pretty well.”

Homecoming Queen Jaedah Franks, a young bioscience student, and King Nile Hill, a senior management student, pose for a photo with sorority and fraternity siblings after the coronation ceremony of the reunion at the Union Grand Ballroom on Monday night. (Hannah Fergurson)

Franks, who won Homecoming Princess at Homecoming Court 2021 and Miss Black EIU 2022, represented Black Student Union at this year’s Homecoming coronation.

“It’s surreal,” Franks said. “After winning once you think the second time, ‘I may not win the second time,’ but I want to pray honestly and believe in myself and also have my sorority sisters, my brother of fraternity, who always encourage me.”

Garrett Wilkin, a sophomore in kinesiology, and Anahi Osorio, a junior exercise science student, were crowned prince and homecoming princess in 2022.

Wilkin, who represented Sigma Phi Epsilon, said winning Homecoming Prince was a great experience.

“I’m happy,” Wilkin said. “I mean, [it’s] just [a] nice experience. I just love Hoco and all the events that are going on, I just love seeing people active on campus.

Wilkin said his participation in many campus activities helped him get nominated in the first place.

“I think how much I enjoy being out there and doing a lot of things,” Wilkin said. “I like to volunteer. I’m an assistant wrestling coach for Charleston. I do a lot of volunteer training. I do several clubs and I’m just active.

Osorio also came forward. She has represented the campus recreation center and is a fitness instructor.

“Something to take away is like I said, get out of your comfort zone and be yourself,” Osorio said. “Don’t let anything stand between you and your success and you try to step out of your comfort zone. So that’s one thing.

Brittany Tierney, Assistant Director of Admissions, and Gary Bulla, Chair and Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences, were crowned Homecoming Faculty/Staff Lady and Lord, respectively.

“It’s really exciting to see the students come out and get the excitement back to campus and for everyone to have a really great time kicking off Homecoming,” Tierney said. “And I want to thank Ashley and the whole reunion committee for all the work they’ve done to make this happen. They’re doing a great job.

“It’s a great honor… And I don’t know who nominated me or anything,” Bulla said. “So it’s an honor to be nominated.”

Four-year-old Lily Morris hugs her newly won Karina squishmallow showing the Lord Gary Bulla of Homecoming 2022 after being crowned as Homecoming’s Little Princess 2022 during the Homecoming Coronation ceremony at the Union Grand Ballroom on Monday evening. (Rob Le Cates)

Tierney’s son Clayton and Lily Morris, the daughter of Geology and Geography Department office manager Amy Morris, were crowned homecoming prince and princess in 2022.

They are both excited about the parade and Morris enjoyed having his crown.

Cam’ron Hardy, Kyara Morales-Rodriguez and Drew Coffey contributed to this article.

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