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Transgender interferes with both science and God’s design

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“Do not plant your vineyard with two kinds of seed; if you do so, the whole harvest will be defiled – both the crop you plant and the fruit of your vineyard” – Deuteronomy 22:9

“God delivered them in the desires of their hearts to impurity to dishonor their bodies” – Romans 1:24

“For their cause God gave them up to vile affections” Romans 1:26

The Bible teaches that God created us male or female, and regardless of our own feelings or confusion, we must act according to the reality of God’s biological purpose. We know from Genesis 1 and 2 that the categories of masculine and feminine are part of God’s purpose for mankind. “Transgenderism” proposes to interfere with both science and God’s purpose, and is therefore the anthesis of His Word.

While the Bible and biology know of no other categories of humans (or any other mammal) other than males and females, recent claims by gender activists include insisting that Americans must conform their language to a person’s subjective identity. Today, people who identify as transgender (or “gender non-conforming”) can use a veritable cornucopia of different terms to describe themselves.

Getting colleges or the Olympics to allow “trans women” to compete in women’s sports is one thing; pretending it’s scientific (or even right) is something else. It should be noted that there are men and women in scripture who can express their masculinity and femininity in multiple ways, with scripture and science working with the binary categories of masculine or feminine.

The “preferred genres” are only superficial. Sex-Based Physiology Lives On Forever

There is no scientific argument that a person’s sex is determined at the time of conception and that fertilization of an egg can only occur with an “X” or “Y” sperm, which does not will determine that one of the two different sexes. After conception, the divergent developmental pathways of males versus females are immediate, substantial, and diverse down to the cellular DNA level. These branching paths persist throughout an individual’s life.

Each nucleated cell in the human body has 46 sex-specific “XY” chromosomes (indicating male biological sex) or “XX” chromosomes (indicating female biological sex). These nucleated cells in turn have sex-specific functions that guide their development and biological function.

Indeed, biological sex is more than just “skin deep”, it persists down to a microscopic, cellular level, and biological sex is indicated in the 100 trillion (or more) cells of the human body.

Conclusion: the indelible imprint of biological sex—determined in utero and at design time — is not scientifically or clinically possibleto alter.

Synthetic gender editing is extremely dangerous

This physiological difference cannot be suppressed, no matter how much synthetic testosterone or estrogen one pumps into their bodies. “Puberty blockers” known scientifically as “gonadotropin-releasing hormones” (GnRH) in children ages 5 to 12, which HHS’s Office of Population Affairs (OPA) says are “safe” and “reversible” in its widely vaunted official report. , final guidance document. Recently, even the still Biden-backed and scientifically flexible FDA warned that it could cause life-threatening brain swelling, headaches, vomiting, a host of visual disturbances (including blindness) and/or Tumor-like masses in brain destroying HHS / OPA’s obvious dereliction of duty and science. You don’t have to be an FDA drug safety expert to know that using pharmacology to combat the biological programming of trillions of nucleated cells in the human body is going to have serious consequences.

Biological men in women’s sport

A recent review of two dozen transgender medical studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine explains the benefits of XY chromosomes at the cellular level. It shows that biological males have advantages in terms of muscle mass, lean body mass, muscle strength and two measures of endurance: hemoglobin and hematocrit, as well as indirect measures of transport efficiency. and oxygen supply. Although synthetic estrogens and/or anti-testosterone pharmaceuticals have been shown to slightly decrease these parameters – and even if normal levels of male testosterone are absent at the time of competition – the innate sexual advantage of latent effects of a lifetime of testosterone persists. Quoting the article’s conclusions: “Notwithstanding, the strength values, LBM [lean body mass] and muscle surface area of ​​trans women remain greater than those of [biological] women, even after 36 months of hormone therapy.

Exposure to testosterone during puberty increases present and future physical performance and muscular endurance, and muscular endurance is influenced by oxygen consumption. Men have physiologically larger airways due to exposure to testosterone. According to the researchers of the journal BreathThe higher oxygen cost of respiration in women means that a greater fraction of total oxygen uptake and cardiac output is directed to the respiratory muscles, which influences physical performance.

Even if one insists on using anti-gender pharmacology, the clear physiological sex differences between men and women will persist even after years of “gender transition” and are evident to even the most casual lay observer. Example: just look at a muscular man, image of broad-shouldered William “Lia” Thomas tight in an obviously ill-fitting women’s swimsuit shows that after a lifetime of endogenous testosterone production, he does not having a woman’s body, regardless of her current level of synthetically induced estrogen.

The fairly obvious outward dimorphism between the male and female sexes are just a few of the many physiological and metabolic differences between the sexes – which are exactly which gender-specific sports were designed to correct.

Men trying to enter women’s sport is a centuries-old pathology

The male sex undoubtedly conveys a physiological advantage over the female sex. If you thought athletes like William Thomas were anything new trend, you would be wrong. Men trying to compete in women’s sports is nothing new, but historically they have been denied long before they got to the competitive stage.

Media reports date back to at least the 1930s of men impersonating women in order to participate in women’s sports and gain ill-gotten fame. Because this problem has persisted over time, and in an attempt to prevent it, there have been regulations since the 1940s governing the participation of athletes outside the biological sexual binary.

Surreal progressive colleges, universities and other professional organizations such as The Master’s Weightlifting want to ignore biology and chromosomal blood testing to illustrate their infinite DEI. This forever prevents American women from having a chance at victory. While a few short-lived professional organizations such as USA Cycling are finally starting to get the hang of it, it’s far from enough.

The scientific answer will always have to be 1.) biological male sports and 2.) biological female sports. If the organizations insist on responding to the endless outrage of the “woke” crowds, the only acceptable alternative is to have a “third” category for transgender competitors.

Admittedly, this will end up being problematic as well, because as of this writing, there are 112 (and counting) artificial genders (and counting).

Dr. David Gortler is a pharmacologist, pharmacist, and health care and FDA policy watchdog researcher at the Center for Ethics and Public Policy in Washington, DC. He was a professor of pharmacology and biotechnology at Yale University School of Medicine, where he was also a faculty member at the Yale University Bioethics Center. He was then hired as an FDA physician who was appointed Senior Advisor to the FDA Commissioner for Drug Safety, FDA Science Policy, and FDA Regulatory Affairs. He is a columnist at Forbes, where he writes about drug safety, healthcare, and FDA policy.

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