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The biggest gaming news for June 11, 2022


Here we are in the middle of another weekend, or as I like to call it, an uninterrupted two-day gaming session. I’ll let you get back to your game, but we need to go through the news first. Today we learned that a biologist was studying Pokemon, the actor playing Master Chief in the Halo TV series wanted to reinterpret the character, and Pokemon Red & Green was supposed to have 65,000 different versions instead of just two. There’s more where that came from and so read on for the rest.

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Pablo Schreiber Says His Role In Halo Was To “Sever” The Viewer’s Relationship With Master Chief

The actor behind Master Chief in the Halo TV show, Pablo Schreiber, seems to have played the role a bit against expectation on purpose, in order to change the way viewers think of the character. “The process of the first season kind of broke that relationship that people had with Master Chief, of knowing him and acknowledging him as themselves,” Schreiber said. “We knew going into it that this was going to be a slightly uncomfortable experience for many viewers due to how long they’ve been living with this Master Chief paradigm. But the idea is, for a long-running television series, I hope the discomfort of the first season and the breaking of the paradigm will pay off in the long run in the relationship you’ll have with these kind of the most iconic video game characters of all time, i imagine Master Chief was a role difficult to play from the start.


Biologist shows what Pokémon could look like under the skin

I never wondered what kind of organs a Pokémon would have, but the question seems to have troubled a certain biologist by the name of Christopher Stoll who put together some scientific illustrations with disturbing results to say the least. Stoll put them on Reddit just to “spoil your week”. Mission accomplished.

Sega is already planning “more games like Sonic Frontiers”

Fans of the franchise have given mixed messages about the upcoming Sonic Frontiers. While a few like what they see, many have called the game “embarrassing” and even asked for a delay. The developer behind the game, Sega, plans to push even further with its open-world design despite the controversy. “Sonic fans from 30 years ago are now adults. There are also young fans who may have started with the movies and such,” explained Sonic Team Leader Takashi Iizuka. “Going forward, we want the Sonic brand to appeal to both groups in its games and other media. Part of that is our June release of Sonic Origins. It’s a perfect representation of Sonic’s origins for fans, old and new. Iizuka added that “we also plan to create more games like Sonic Frontiers that will delight 3D Sonic veterans in new ways. Our plan is to target these specific groups of Sonic fans with each of our upcoming releases.”

Morbius fans demand to bring the film back a third time

Morbius may have been a box office flop, but that didn’t stop its producer, Columbia, from releasing the film a second time. What I’m just going to call fans of the film seem to have pumped Morbius on social media before quickly dumping the film when it was back in theaters. The result was of course a second flop. The latest development is people trying the same tactic, noting that “we were all busy this weekend” and calling on Columbia to “bring Morbius to the theater a third time,” according to a grassroots petition. I wonder how many times can a film fail?

Pokemon Red & Green Was Originally Supposed To Have 65,000 Versions Rather Than Two, Focus On Buying Instead Of Catching Pokemon

Video game historians have sifted through dozens of old interviews with the people who produced the original Pokemon games. Their findings were rather surprising as it turns out that Pokemon Red & Green was originally supposed to have over 65,000 different versions instead of just two. The game was also supposed to be about buying instead of catching Pokémon. “The shape of a forest, the Pokémon that would appear, I wanted to make a game that would be different for everyone, but it was difficult,” said Game Freak founder Satoshi Tajiri. “So I went to consult Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo and we ended up deciding that depending on the color, whether it was red or green, the worlds would be parallel, but different.” The developer also stated that “in early development of Pokemon, you could buy Pokemon with money, but this caused the player to focus on saving money to buy them and less motivation to fight for them. catch them in the wild”. It really changed everything.

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