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Peggy Bohn Recognized as Nevada Veteran Employee of the Month for July 2022


Peggy Bohn, who works at the University of Nevada, Reno Office of Real Estate, won the Veteran Employee of the Month for July award from the Nevada Department of Veterans Services. She was nominated because she always goes above and beyond to connect people.

University President and former Governor Brian Sandoval with Peggy Bohn at the Veteran of the Month ceremony.

The Veteran of the Month program aims to highlight veterans who dedicate their time to giving back specifically to their fellow veterans and their local community. The nomination guidelines state that each individual must have had a significant impact in their volunteer work.

While serving in the U.S. Army, Bohn was a biological science assistant at the Letterman Army Institute of Research from 1977 until her contract ended in 1984. There she served as an operating room technician and assistant certified ophthalmologist where she conducted research that helped lay the foundation for today’s medical advances, such as laser work and other eye tests.

During his time in the Army, Bohn received several accomplishments: the Army Achievement Medal, two Good Conduct Medals, and an Army Service Ribbon for marksmanship. She is a Certified Veterans Advocate and CAMO-RNO Mentor, a grassroots program that provides second chances to “struggling veterans.”

Bohn started at the University in October 1993 in the planning office, helping coordinate on-campus spaces for academic exams and indoor and outdoor events. She then transferred to the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis to work on a number of projects, including tracking construction expenditures for the Joe Crowley Student Union.

Jessica Maher, administrative assistant for Environmental Health & Safety, named Bohn after knowing her for several years.

“I’ve known Peggy since I started at University in 2014. She’s always happy to see you if you need help with work-related projects or inquiries, and she almost always has the answers for you. If she doesn’t have your answer, she makes sure to find it for you,” Maher said. “She’s always been there to make sure the voice of classified employees is heard. legislative information and NSHE and she will even stand up in the legislative building for them when she thinks it is important.

July 2022 Veteran of the Month certificate for Peggy Bohn.
Certificate from Peggy Bohn for her July 2022 Veteran of the Month award.

In 2007, Bohn attended a variety of veterans events and wanted to bond with all the groups, so she created a mailing list that now has over 300 subscribed groups and individuals. A member of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services even crowned Bohn as an “information disseminator” for his success in bringing all these different people together.

“Naturally, I’ve seen many transformations over the years on this campus. Buildings have been removed, new ones erected and many advancements for students, staff and defectives, but it remains a “small town atmosphere,” Bohn said. “With the help of the Military and Veterans Affairs Center and the Office of Veterans Services, we are looking for ways to help our brothers and sisters in arms in their educational, social and family progress through our support, knowledge and our advice.

Nevada Department of Administration Director Laura Freed and Resource Management Division Administrator began recognizing veterans for this award in January 2021.