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Chemistry professor Chad Mirkin receives a medal for his scientific work


Northwest Chemistry Professor Chad Mirkin awarded the 2022 Faraday Medal from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, according to a press release Thursday.

Mirkin, who has taught at the University since 1991, is the first New York University researcher to win the award – IET’s highest honor for outstanding scientific or industrial achievement. His work has focused on the development of biological and chemical diagnostic and therapeutic systems.

“When people talk about leaders in world-class interdisciplinary research, Chad Mirkin tops the list,” NU Vice President for Research Milan Mrksich said in the statement. “This latest honor is a well-deserved recognition of his leadership at Northwestern and in the field of nanotechnology.”

Mirkin has also invented high-speed, large-area printing technology, such as a 3D printing process that can produce hard, elastic, or ceramic parts at record quantities. He is also a pioneer in research on the discovery of materials based on artificial intelligence.

Mirkin is the co-founder of the companies TERA-print and Azul 3D, both of which help transition advances in nanotechnology into life science, biomedical and advanced manufacturing industries.

“People who have won in the past make up a list of those who have changed the world through science and engineering,” Mirkin said in the statement. “I’m obviously absolutely thrilled to be part of this crew.”

Mirkin was honored at a ceremony in London on Thursday evening.

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