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BitLife: how to become a marine biologist


Most recent BitLife challenge, the Under the Sea Challenge, has arrived! Based on the story of The little Mermaid, the challenge asks you to become a marine biologist who marries royalty! This guide will teach you how to become a marine biologist in BitLife.

How to Become a Marine Biologist in BitLife

When you start a new character, age until you graduate from high school. Maintain high intelligence so you can successfully enroll in college, and as a bonus, get a scholarship that pays your tuition. While it’s not a problem if you’re starting in a country where post-secondary education is free, student debt becomes a major problem in others. When you enter university, choose biology as your major. If it doesn’t appear right away, age or restart your game until it appears. Enroll in the program and complete the degree to proceed to stage two.

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After graduating from college in biology, return to the Profession tab and go to graduate school. You must have a graduate degree to become a marine biologist. Enter graduate school and age until you are done. After completing your higher education, return to the Profession tab and select full-time job vacancies. Check out the listings for a marine biologist position. If he doesn’t appear, get older and recheck the lists every year until he does. Apply for the interview and succeed to become a marine biologist. Alternatively, you can apply and become a Junior Marine Biologist instead. If you do, work hard every year until you’re promoted to marine biologist.

Once you become a Marine Biologist, you will successfully complete one of the Under the Sea Challenge tasks in BitLife. For more information on a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.